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"The children also brighten the day"

“It is very important to bring the young and elderly together for mutual benefit.  The young learn from the elderly about their needs in a hands-on way.  The children also brighten the day of the elderly and bring such joy.”

Sandra Wagoner, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels

"Appreciative of those who teach"

“I am looking forward to working with TCS students and am always appreciative of those who teach about giving back to the community.  If you don’t teach community involvement, we won’t have citizens that give of their time as well as their financial resources.  Time is the most valuable resource that people can donate.”

Roger Robertson, Former Executive Director of the Crisis Center

"What a difference Texoma Christian School made today"

“Thank you. What a difference Texoma Christian School made today in the lives of children that live in precarious circumstances.“

Virgie Holbrook, Visions of  Sugarplums